Satisfaction Guaranteed

Triple Guarantee

1. Confidence Guarantee- Curious about our service but not ready to commit? We offer 1 Room Cleaned with NO Obligation and NO high pressure sales. This is our way of showing you the kind of people, equipment, and cleaning solutions that will be in your home. If you are not perfectly happy with what we have done to your room then we will thank you for your time and you won't have to pay anything at all! If you do like what we have done, you can have any additional work done and pay us like normal. New customers and single unit home owners only please.

2. Performance Guarantee- If you think any areas could have cleaned better, or if any spots reappear within 1 month, then please call 303-437-9402 or email us to schedule a touch-up. We want you to be happy and we will be eager to come back at no charge. While some stains may be permanent, we are confident that if anyone can get them out, we can!

3. 100% Satisfaction/Money Back Guarantee- If you are not satisfied with our work and would like to use that money with someone else, please let us know upon completion and we will credit the carpet cleaner of your choice with the full amount that you paid to us. You won't find another carpet cleaner with a guarantee like that!

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